DUNK TANK – Strike Down Breast Cancer!

15 Oct 2016

DUNK TANK – Strike Down Breast Cancer!

Think you got what it takes to strike down breast cancer? How about some local officials? Well head over to our DUNK TANK where you will get the opportunity to dunk some very special guests!!!!! Here’s how it works:

  • Check out the Dunk Tank Schedule
  • Head to the Dunk Tank right before the start time
  • Purchase 3 balls based off of your throw distance:
    • 30ft – $10
    • 20ft – $20
    • 10ft – $30
    • HIT THE BUTTON (0 ft!!) – $50

Get your chance to dunk:

  • Deputy Chief Lawayne Hearn
  • Chief of Police Sergio Diaz
  • Mayor Rusty Bailey
  • Councilmember Mike Gardner